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Dr. Carly recognizes the importance of optimal wellness & preventative care during each stage of your pregnancy. Dr. Carly is committed to providing you with the absolute highest quality of respectful & compassionate care for you and your growing baby.

There is no better time to see a Naturopathic Doctor than during your pregnancy. There are many opportunities before, during & after your pregnancy to influence your baby’s genetic expression and life long disease risk factors. Dr. Carly is experienced in providing natural, gentle, safe and effective medicine to support you and your growing baby.  Dr. Carly’s Well Pregnancy appointments are uniquely designed to support your pregnancy through all stages of growth & development and are a time to discuss your questions or concerns about any tests or interventions offered in pregnancy.

Dr. Wendler offers:

PREBIRTH ACUPUNCTURE to support a quicker, easier, and more peaceful birth experience


LABOUR ENHANCING ACUPUNCTURE for post date babies, stalled labour, and women thinking about a medical induction

Naturopathic Pregnancy Services


Acupuncture and acupressure is safe during all stages of pregnancy.  Acupuncture has been clinically proven to provide relief from nausea & vomiting, manage pregnancy induced high blood pressure, reduce anxiety & relieve all types of back, pubic and sciatic pain so you can feel more rested, relaxed & comfortable.  Your growing baby will receive these benefits too! 

Pregnancy Symptoms

Many expectant mamas experience pregnancy related symptoms that can make this beautiful time of life challenging. Many pharmaceutical options for illness and disease treatment remain unsafe or questionable in pregnancy or you may simply want a natural approach.  Naturopathic medicine has a variety of treatment methods proven to be safe and effective in addressing pregnancy related morning sickness, heartburn/acid reflux, digestive issues, infections and more.  

Birth Planning

The birth of your baby should be an amazingly empowering experience. Together, you will explore your ‘birth’day expectations and preferences.  Dr. Carly will share her experience & expertise in natural birthing techniques that will bring your baby into the world in a gentle, relaxed and optimally safe way. Dr. Carly has a strong commitment to educating expectant families about the power of the birth experience and will help you feel supported, comfortable and prepared for a smooth transition to the post partum period.


Just as pregnancy has it’s own set of unique health challenges, so does the post partum period. Your baby has arrived, sleep is a rare commodity, feeding challenges can arise, and you are still healing.

During your pregnancy Dr. Wendler will work with you to develop a personalized plan for post partum care for your family in order to promote gentle healing, a healthy milk supply, and to help avoid post partum complications. In addition to helping you, she will also support your baby with preventative medical care, and strategies to manage common issues like infant colic, eczema, and teething pain. Dr. Wendler’s goal as your naturopathic doctor is to support you as you navigate the dynamic changes involved in this new phase of life.