The health of your baby starts before conception

Naturopathic Fertility

Restoring & Harmonizing Your Reproductive Health.

Dr. Carly is passionate about helping couples like you expand your family, whether you are looking to simply optimize fertility prior to conception, or are using assisted medical fertility treatments. 

Dr. Carly’s collaborative & evidenced informed approach is aimed at enhancing both female & male fertility & increasing the success of any medical treatments.  Dr. Carly sees better conception success when both partners are involved in fertility care and offers a specialized 90 minute joint Fertility Assessment appointment.

Naturopathic Fertility Services

Fertility Assessment

Dr. Carly will complete an in depth health history, review any relevant laboratory diagnostics from other health providers, recommend further laboratory analysis if needed, and design a naturopathic treatment plan specific for individuals & couples, aimed at addressing the root cause of any fertility concerns. Treatment plans use a blend of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture & nutritional supplementation clinically proven to improve your ability to conceive.

Fertility Care

Naturopathic fertility care is able to address & support a wide variety of health conditions that affect female fertility including: obesity, recurrent pregnancy loss, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, anovulation, egg quality issues, age related & hormonal imbalances. Male conditions treated include: obesity, low sperm count, low motility & abnormal sperm parameters resulting from excessive oxidative damage,

Dr. Wendler’s experience and the scientific literature agree on the use of acupuncture treatments to significantly improve your chances of conceiving. Acupuncture enhances blood flow to your reproductive organs, aids in follicle development, enhances male fertility measurements & prepares your body for any IVF or IUI cycles.

This comprehensive program of targeted nutrient supplementation, clinical nutrition and fertility acupuncture can substantially improve hormone balance, follicle health, support healthy implantation, reduce risk for recurrent pregnancy loss and restore emotional wellness.