I believe their health is our future.

Children’s Health

I believe your child’s health is important from day 1.  I believe every child deserves a life of abundant health, yet many children now live with recurrent and/or chronic illness or use  pharmaceuticals to manage symptoms.  I believe in optimal health for my children and yours, not just good enough or average health.  Naturopathic medicine seeks to achieve and maintain optimal physical, emotional & mental health in childhood and beyond. Dr. Carly’s Well Child appointments are uniquely designed to support your child’s health through all stages of growth & development.

The Naturopathic Approach

Dr. Carly’s collaborative approach provides a unique health & wellness experience focused on identifying the root cause(s) of your child’s health concern, not just band-aid solutions (although I do have those too!).

What To Expect

In addressing the underlying cause of your child’s symptoms, naturopathic medicine can support your child’s innate ability to heal and restore health. Together, we will develop a personalized health plan that considers your child’s unique medical & health history and individual needs. I promise to treat and care for your child(ren) as if they were my own, offering safe, gentle and effective solutions to treat the root causes of any number of childhood ailments including: infant reflux, tummy troubles, diarrhea, constipation, breastfeeding questions and concerns, normal sleep patterns, ear infections, poor immune function, recurrent infections, eczema, asthma and more.