Meet Dr. Carly Wendler

Dr. Carly Wendler is a locally respected Naturopathic Doctor & Lactation Educator with a family focused practice in Waterdown Ontario. She believes in a collaborative health care model and is deeply committed to helping others live in abundant health.

Why Naturopathy?

Dr. Wendler offers a wide range of naturopathic services and diagnostic testing for a return to health

Prenatal & Pregnancy Care

Wellness & preventative care during each stage of your pregnancy.

Fertility Care

Optimizing female & male fertility.

Pediatric Care

Building a generation of abundantly healthy & mind-body strong children.

Women's Health

Supporting healthy hormone balance and re-balancing at all stages of life.

Hormone Testing

Comprehensive and thorough testing for a return to hormonal balance.

Laboratory Testing

Offering a variety of diagnostic testing to get you the answers you need.

Clinical/Therapeutic Nutrition

Providing customized nutrition plans to fuel your body with the right foods.


An ancient form of medicine providing safe, gentle and effective relief for a variety of conditions.

Special Interests

Fertility Care

Naturopathic medicine offers effective treatments for many underlying conditions that affect both male and female fertility. Whether you are planning on conceiving and would like preconception care, or you are currently receiving fertility treatment, the naturopathic fertility approach will help you to be at your healthiest and most fertile.

Women’s Health

Dr. Wendler is passionate about and focused on women’s health, and has worked with many women to support their overall best health and wellness. Her goal is to find the root cause of any underlying concerns to tailor appropriate and effective treatments for you.