You want me to put the garlic where?

As a Naturopathic Doctor one of my principles of practice is to treat the underlying cause of disease and treating acute infections are no exception.

Vaginal candida, more commonly known as a yeast infection, haunts many women (and their partners).  An overgrowth of candida results when the body’s own good or beneficial bacteria fail to keep the bad bugs (like candida or bacteria) in check.  There are many reasons for this imbalance and a personal case history will reveal what your individual risk factors are.  Some common risk factors for vaginal candida include: use of the birth control pill, antibiotic use, pregnancy, and use of steroid medications.

Most women are given a prescription anti-fungal by their doctor or purchase an over-the-counter anti-fungal as needed.  While these may give you some immediate relief, you haven’t addressed the real cause of the balance, and chances are good that you have another infection sometime in the near future.

Garlic, a potent antimicrobial and anti-fungal is a great start in addressing the root cause of your vaginal infections.  I often prescribe this treatment in addition to dietary cha1nges and herbal treatments to quickly kill whatever miroorganisms are causing the infection.

Use a garlic vaginal suppository (also known as a pessiary) for 3 consecutive nights for 2 weeks (a total of 6 treatments).

To make a garlic pessiary:

Version A:

1. Take a single clove of fresh garlic and peel off the natural white paper shell that covers it, leaving the clove intact.

2. At bedtime, put the clove into the vagina. If needed, use olive oil to help with insertion.

3. In the morning, remove the garlic clove and throw it in the garbage or toilet. The garlic often causes the vagina to have a watery discharge.

Version B:

1. Take a single clove of fresh garlic and peel off the natural white paper shell that covers it, leaving the clove intact.

2. Wrap the garlic clove in gauze or cheesecloth (and tie with a string, if desired) making a kind of tampon out of it.

3. At bedtime, put the clove into the vagina.  If needed, use olive oil to help with insertion. In the morning, remove the garlic clove and throw it in the garbage or toilet. The garlic often causes the vagina to have a watery discharge.

Note: Any cut in the clove makes the activity of the garlic stronger. Thus, the more of the inside of the clove that is exposed, the higher the dose. Each woman should learn the dose that works best for her, from the lowest dose (i.e. an uncut clove) to a clove with one or more small fingernail slits, to a clove cut in half.

If a high dose of garlic (i.e. a cut-open garlic clove) is inserted in a healthy vagina, it will often “burn” the healthy skin. When the woman is suffering from an advanced yeast infection, the skin is already red and “burned” and the garlic cures the infection by killing the yeast. Then the skin repairs itself.



  1. I love this! And it’s not the first time I’ve heard of this remedy. I used to have chronic infections until I found the root cause of them and I”ve been lucky enough since to have not have a reoccurrence but if I should suffer yet another infection I’m going to try this remedy for sure!

  2. Is this safe for pregnant women?

    • Yes, totally safe to use in pregnancy. I use it regularly to treat yeast infections and to prevent and treat GBS associated with pregnancy.

    • Veronica says:

      Last week Saturday i done ivf its safety to used garlic

      • It is safe, but the doctors should be made aware of any infection you currently have that may affect the procedure.

  3. Forgive me for being so graphic but how do you take it out?
    I’m afraid it would get stuck up there.

    • I get asked this question often. You can remove the garlic one of two ways: 1) manually with your hand. 2) You can wrap the garlic in a cheese cloth or gauze and tie with a string to make a tampon. Pull on the string for easy removal. The garlic can’t travel very far as the cervix is tightly closed and prevents anything from going up. The vaginal canal is only relatively short so this makes it unlikely to get stuck.

  4. So burning would be a normal sensation for someone trying this with an active infection?

    • Yes, you could experience a burning sensation. If you created nicks in the garlic with a knife, it makes the treatment stronger and could also increase the burning.

  5. How far do you have to insert it?

    • Just far enough so that the muscular tissue of the vagina keeps it in place. A couple centimetres should be sufficient.

  6. Kelly Grahm says:

    Thank you so much for this, I haven’t actually tried it yet, but just your professional attitude and description makes me feel a lot more comfortable about trying this! Is it okay to leave the clove up there all night? Say from 10pm until 8am? Thanks!

  7. Savannah says:

    Is it safe for pregnant women at 35wks??

    • Yes, it is safe during all stages of pregnancy except for after your water has broken or other signs of labour have started. At this point, nothing should be inserted into the vagina unless it is for an internal exam.

  8. says:

    How long does the burning last?

    • It should be temporary. If you have made a nick in the garlic to make it stronger you can forego the nick and just insert the clove intact to reduce burning.

  9. Hi. I’m 30 woks pregnant and am attempting this garlic method tonight! Besides cutting down/out sugar and sugary foods, what other dietary changes do you recommend? Thanks!

    • Cutting out the refined sugars is super important, and I would also limit or eliminate wheat containing foods as they are converted into sugars in the body during digestion. I also put into a preventative protocol anti-yeast and antibacterial herbs and a probiotic.

  10. it really works!

  11. latacha says:

    what if you put it in the morning? is it safe… can you walk around with it?

  12. latacha says:

    what if you have to pee?

    • You can still use the bathroom. The muscles of the vagina would hold the garlic in place while you use the bathroom – much like if you had a tampon in and used the bathroom.

  13. I am 36 Weeks pregnant…and I am not accepting the GBS test (this is my 3rd child)
    I know all the risks involved with GBS….and I would much rather prevent GBS then be treated for it during labor.
    My question is….if I start inserting Garlic at night now at 36 weeks, how many nights a week should I be doing this before my estimated Due Date to insure the GBS bacteria has been killed off {in case I am carrying the bacteria} Also….I know that Witch Hazel has been said to work as well {using it on vaginal wipes} so is it okay to use both?
    (I am also a big Yogurt eater!…which I know is great for killing off the GBS bacteria!)

    • It’s hard for me to make a specific recommendation not knowing your current health or history. But I usually recommend 3 consecutive nights for a garlic treatment for 2 weeks (a total of 6 treatments).

  14. Feisne says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I read it once from midwifery but was worried when I saw some conflicting views about the use of garlic. I have yeast infection and gardnerella. With pessaries prescribed by my gynae, I would have another complication (gardnerella). I have had recurrence every month since October 2013 and it’s really bothering me. Am trying it tonight and hopefully I can say goodbye to the various antibiotics.

  15. anthonia says:

    I was told about d garlic by a friend of mine & tried it. Infact dis is d 2nd day running but I still haven’t seen any changes. I still have itches and discharges and I dnt know wat else to do. Though I still douche because I am so used to it .pls tell me wat other method I can use for my intimate wash & how to stop d itching completely. Thanks

    • There are several dietary changes to make for treating yeast infections. A complete elimination of refined sugars and starches (breads, pastas, bagels, etc.) is a first step.

  16. I just tried this since I suffer from recurrent yeast infections and been tested for Gonorreah and chlamydia , after I took it out I had discharge in my hands, (liquidy) is that normal?

  17. Nthabiseng says:

    i have used a garlic clove and tried to take it out but i can’t find it, im scared it might still be stuck there!!!!!

    • The cervix connecting the outside of the vagina to the uterus is a closed muscle so it’s not going to get ‘lost’. The vaginal canal is only a couple inches long, so you may have to work a little to find the garlic. To make removal easier, I would suggest wrapping the garlic in a piece of cheese cloth or gauze and tying it off with a string (like a home made tampon) before insertion.

  18. chantell says:

    Hi,i don’t have infections (no itches or discharge) but i often have a fish-like smell from my vaginal and its affecting my sex life. Can the ‘garlic-technique’ rescue me from this embarrasmnt?

    • A fish like smell IS indicative of an infection. It may not be picked up on a swab (which hopefully your doctor has done to effectively rule out an infection) so I treat based on symptoms and not just ignore the odour because the swab is negative. The garlic treatment can treat an infection which would resolve the odour you described (and any embarrassment).

  19. babyface says:

    Is this method also effective and successful in treating Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)??
    If yes, is the same time-frame and method of dosage suggested as is with yeast infections?

    • Yes, this is effective in treating BV. I would add in other treatments in addition to the garlic, but it’s a good start. The dosage and use would be the same prescription as for vaginal candida.

  20. I have reoccurring bacterial vaginosis, and my menstrual cycle is bleeding a bright orange.. would garlic help it go away? I’ve seen 3 doctors about the abnormal colour and they all didn’t know that it was even possible.

    • Any colour aside from bright red is an abnormal colour for flow. I see a range of colours reported by my patients and with the proper individualized treatment, the colour can return to the bright red colour signifying a healthy uterus. I don’t think the garlic treatment will help restore that colour, but I would seek out a naturopathic doctor that help assess and treat the recurrent bacterial vaginosis. The immune system is significantly involved in recurrent infections of any kind.

  21. Patricia Diaz says:

    Will this completely cure the infection? Or will it come back after a while?

    • It will address the current infection, but if you do not address the long term underlying causes of your yeast imbalance (sugar intake, antibiotic use, birth control pill use, etc) the infection is likely to return.

  22. Kayla says:

    Is it okay to do this without any of these infections to just possibly prevent any? And what if your get burns there? Does it heal even if you don’t have any of these infections?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m still quite young and I’m just wondering if it’s surely safe I read on yahoo answers that it burns alot and it’s dangerous also that it creates like blemishes of some sort and it’s untreatable also on a scale of 1-10 with out any nicks how bad would it burn?

    • You can leave the garlic without any nicks and the burning, if any, should be minimal. The burning sensation is not causing any damage to he tissues. Every woman is different in the experience so I can’t give a rating on a 1-10 scale. The more nicks you create the more possibility for burning as you are releasing the active chemicals from the garlic.

      • deisy says:

        Hey I was wondering how long will I have to be doing this for the infection to go away

      • I recommend 3 treatments in a row in week 1 and repeat the follow week for a total of 6 treatments. But I also have my patients do other things to treat the infection to compliment the garlic.

  24. Laura says:

    I have noticed abnormal discharge, no itching though. Still to be safe I tried it, seemed like the best option but I am afraid that it will damage the healthy tissue I have & that would definitely not be worth it. I cut the clove at each end . Will the open clove do any given the possibility that I don’t have an infection?

    • Vaginal garlic treatments will not work to prevent anything if there is no infection. I only recommend this is a treatment for an active infection. you can certainly use plenty of garlic in your cooking though to keep vaginal flora and the rest of your body balanced and less likely to get infections. there will be no damage to healthy tissue from garlic.

  25. Trisha says:

    Will this be affective for tricomonas as well. I don’t believe the spelling is correct

    • It can be part of treating trichimonas but I would be using other treatments in addition to garlic for this infection.

  26. Libra says:

    Is it ok to put garlic inside my vagina while I’m in my periods? I did it now I think I’m over bleeding

    • there is no reason not to use the garlic during your flow, aside from the fact it may be a little bit messier to insert and remove.

  27. franklyraw says:

    Would this work with a acidophilus suppository as well? Does the garlic cancel the good bacteria? Thank you!

    • I use vaginal probiotics in conjunction with garlic, alternating the two nightly. The good bacteria is not affected by the garlic. It kills harmful bacteria, not the good ones.

  28. How long do you need to wait before having vaginal intercourse after using this method?

    • Aside from removing the garlic, there is no need to wait for sex. However, yeast infections can be passed from partner to partner making it a chronic, recurrent issue. So I would abstain from sex until the infection is cleared and also treat your partner, even if he doesn’t have any symptoms.

      • anthonia says:

        Pls is dere any home remedy for d male partner incase there is infection witout symptoms

  29. Will the treatment affect the chance of getting pregnant? For example killing off the swimming sperms.

    • No, garlic will not affect sperm. If there is an imbalance in vaginal flora due to an infection, it will help balance the pH which can positively affect the ability of sperm to survive for implantation and pregnancy.

  30. How do you know if it’s working? The first day I put the garlic glove inside me some cuts it didnt burn. The second day I did the same. But it burned for about 5 minutes. When it starts burning is that an indication of it working?

    • Burning signals the tissues are responding to the garlic but a burning sensation is not necessary for it to be effective.

  31. Hello, and thank you for a great article!

    I would like to try this treatment, but first I need to be sure if it’s the right thing to do. There are absolutely no naturopathic doctors in my area, and this is my only reliable source of information. So I apologize in advance for a lengthy comment. Here goes:

    I have recently been to my gynecologist and she took three tests: a vaginal bacterial culture, a vaginal fungi culture, and a Pap smear. The first two didn’t reveal anything (the fungi one specifically stated that there is no growth of candida), while the Pap did reveal a candida infection, plus a growth of (unspecified) coccobacilli.

    Now, I feel confused. The results seem to be contradictory. Out of two tests, taken on the same day, at the same lab, one shows I have candida, the other that I don’t. How can this be? Which one is more reliable, the Pap or the vaginal fungi culture?

    Also, I don’t seem to have any symptoms. There is no pain, no itching, no redness. The doctor said my vaginal discharge looks “modified” (but she didn’t specify in what way), but there is no noticeable bad smell. What do you think: should an asymptomatic candida growth be treated or not? Last year I had a gardenella infection (with symptoms – the regular fishy smell, plus a yellowish, cottage-cheese-like discharge), but I didn’t feel like taking the prescribed antibiotics and it just went away on its own (the new tests show no trace of gardenella).

    Anyway, I do not want to take the antibiotics that I have been prescribed (my doctor gave me three separate antibiotic-based meds! three of them!). She also prescribed a probiotic, which I intend to take (an egg with lactobacillus acidophilus, lactose and a very small dosage of estriol – which the manufacturer claims is to increase the local blood flow and help the growth of the lactobacillus, so it seems safe enough).

    Therefore: in my case, should I do the garlic treatment, or not? Will it be enough for the candida? What about the mysterious coccobacilli? Also, is it alright if I also do the probiotic treatment after the garlic one, to repopulate the “friendly” bacteria?

    Thank you very much!

    • It is possible to have a yeast infection with no symptoms but only detected on a PAP test. It is also possible that the onne of the abs were wrong. Tests are not always 100% so I treat based firstly on symptoms and then consider what the tests say.

      I can’t legally give medical advice without an intake and assessment, so my answer here is brief and general.

      I would choose a different probiotic without the ingredients you listed. There are better forms and higher dose probiotics for treating infections. I would use both an oral probiotic and a probiotic vaginally, designed for treating vaginal infections. You can also do the garlic treatment. I alternate the vaginal probiotics and garlic treatments on nightly basis, as you obviously do not do them on the same night. Dietary changes are also a big part of my treatment so you would most likely have to temporarily change your diet until the infection clears.

      • Thank you very, very much for your kind answer!

        I will take another Pap test just to be sure, then, if positive, I will do the garlic + probiotics treatment (and I’ll try to find a better probiotic – though in the drug store here, the pharmacist didn’t even know what “probiotics” are… sad, very sad! and the small local Health Store only sells organic food, not supplements and such… :( oh, well). As for the dietary side, I’ve been doing my best to eat as “clean” as possible (no sugar, no coffee, only the occasional alcohol that I can give up anytime, grains reduced to a minimum, only healthy fats etc. I also drink plenty of organic kefir (mmmm, delicious), so I hope it will help.

        Again, thank you very much for this great website, it has educated me quite a lot!

  32. Havana says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I am 15 years old and i noticed 2 days ago my private became VERY ichy and and today I keep getting clumpy whiteish yellowish discharge kinda like cottage cheese. I read in a website that if I put a garlic clove in my private it will go away and if I drink I lot of water it will flush it away too. Is it true?

    • It sounds, based on what you’ve said,that you have a yeast infection. I wouldn’t recommend treating this on your own for your first infection. Garlic can certainly help clear the infection, but there are other things to do on top of that to clear the yeast infection. I would seek the help of a Naturopathic Doctor for treatment.

  33. WhoKnew says:

    You recommend night time, can it be done during the day, leaving it in from 7am to 5pm?

  34. sophia says:

    how long will the garlic smell last for ?

    • If there’s any garlic smell, it should be gone after a shower/bath or a couple days after treatment at most.

  35. Deneice Franklin says:

    Ive inserted the garlic after failed relief from monistat 1 and the vinegar tampon ( another online remedies). So far ive also taken a bath with Epson salt and apple cider vinegar which made my lady parts less sore/inflamed. My question is, i cut the tip of the garlic (the coarse part) off threaded it and inserted. No burning at all. I actually have some relief now.should I be concerned its NOT burning. I know it sounds crazy to ask

  36. pinktala says:

    Been suffering with chronic yeast infections for 3 months now. At times I just HAVE to itch and then I regret it and am more sore. I need this to end. I don’t have fresh garlic but I did purchase odorless Carlic 1000mg clear capsules. Can I insert the capsule? I would assume the heat from my vagina will melt the capsule and allow the garlic to seep out. Will the garlic from the capsule work just as well or itsn’t worth the try? THANKS!

    • I’ve never used the garlic capsules vaginally. I wouldn’t rely on them to have the same effects as fresh garlic. Thee capsules will also be less potent than fresh and I’m not sure they would dissolve properly internally. You can still use the garlic capsules by mouth but I would combine it with the fresh inserted vaginally.

  37. how long is it supposed to be before you start to experience a difference (ie the itching goes away?) i inserted the garlic but it just seems to dry out the vagina more (is that normal?) and the itching continues…

  38. So how do you treat a male partner this way?

    • Treating a male partner will require a different plan. I use a combination of diet and herbs to treat an infection in a male.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Does this work if I just have vaginal odor? I know I don’t have a yeast infection, and I’m not sexually active. My odor is just a bit strong. I also get a lot of discharge. Would this help with that as well? Thanks. (:

  40. Do I have to stick the garlic all the way inside to get the treatment ?

  41. This is my story:
    I have recurrent vaginal infection which started last year and remained untreated until last June this year. I got the guts to have my first check-up with an OB since the infection made my vagina swell/inflamed I guess and the discharges are too much than the usual. I was prescribed with Metronidazole 500mg twice a day for 5 days. The infection went gone after awhile then went back in a few days after my period but disappeared immediately. Now, the infection is back again, I thought about the clove of garlic and maybe I could try it tonight, this is only the most convenient way I know. My concern is that, aside from inserting it, does it have the same effect in eating cooked/fresh slices of garlic instead? And how to treat my asymptomatic partner with it too? Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you Doc!

    • By inserting the garlic into the vagina it has a local effect on the area of infection, whereas the garlic you are eating doesn’t get to the area of infection. Using both is best for maximum effectiveness. Treating a male partner will require a different strategy than inserting garlic, but eating it fresh is a start.

      • Sonia says:

        Thank you for your response Dr. Carly, I truly appreciate it since I have no one to talk to about this problem. I started the garlic treatment last night without any cut of the clove, when I removed it there are still these curd-like discharges sticking to the garlic and still irritating my vulva. What I did for me to eradicate the irritation I advanced my treatment, I inserted another garlic with cuts and felt a little burning but tolerable. I feel comfortable when there’s a garlic inside that without. When I inserted it this time, a little pus-yellowish-colored discharge came out but it’s not thick, it’s kind of a fluid-like discharge. How do you explain that? What do you mean by the 3 consecutive nights for 2 weeks with a total of 6 treatments? Since I started yesterday and my 3rd treatment will be tomorrow, when do I have the next 3 consecutive nights? Can I make it straight the days after tomorrow? I was just confused. Thank you for your time again. Looking forward for your response.

      • After 3 consecutive nights of the internal vaginal garlic I either have women take a break until the next weeks’ 3 consecutive treatments or use a vaginal probiotic, which helps restore vaginal pH and good bacteria. You can usually find these vaginal probiotics in a health food store. They should come with an applicator.

        If the discharge is changing to a thinner consistency this is a positive sign. The garlic can also impart a slight yellow colour to discharge as well.

  42. I did insert glove of garlic without string, I CNT find it is it possible to come with m y monthly or what’s gonna happens.

    • The vaginal canal is only a few inches long so it can’t move upwards anywhere. The muscles of the vagina are strong and will likely hold onto the garlic, much like a tampon, rather than it coming out itself. You will just have to use your fingers to locate it.

  43. mommy2b says:

    ok. this is my 2nd time with a yeast infection. first time I was prescribed a pill from my doctor. I am now almost 4 mnths pregnant and currently have a moderately light infection of yeast once symptoms are slight itching, and a clear yellowish jelly like discharge. I tried the apple cider vinegar which burned for the moment but itching went away for the day. Today I’m trying the garlic clove soppository. what should I expect from it?

    • You may experience some burning if you have created nicks in the garlic clove, which release chemicals to make the treatment stronger. You may also not notice any burning either. It should decrease if it does happen the more you do the treatments.

  44. Can this be used for the treatment of UTI? I am 23 weeks pregnant with reoccuring UTI and am tired of taking antibiotic.

    • I generally don;t use this treatment for UTI’s. I use herbs and supplements to treat UTI’s effectively and quickly in pregnancy.

  45. njabulo says:

    I hav taken mornin afta pils can I use dc garlic method n will t not affect da pill?

  46. hello, i’ve read ur article . . its awesome and thanks for the information. . i’ve been experiencing viginal infection but dont know what kind coz i’m afraid to go to the doctor and ask something about it. i think its more than months or maybe 3 or 5 months since i got this infection, fishy smell.yellowish discharge. .it makes me irratate much. .at first, i dont know about this things and just last month a friend of mine told me about that infection and i’m worried about it, i tried something like cream to apply but it didnt work so i stop and just leave it like that hoping it will just gone. ..but its so annoying to have this smelly fish . .so i’m planning to use it tonight, just afraid of the side effects of it. thanks for giving a time to read this. . Godbless

    • A fishy odor is associated usually with a bacterial infection. It is best to get an accurate diagnosis from a qualified health professional. Then depending on what type of infection you have (e.g. bacterial, yeast, viral), you can seek treatment, like the garlic used vaginally. There is generally no side effects from the garlic treatment to worry about other than slight burning if there is an infection.

      • kimmy says:

        thanks for ur answer. . .can i ask again on how to put the garlic properly? after i used the garlic once, there’s no itching and discharge of smelly odor that day. but it came back after 2 days and its itchy and the smell is not that strong smell of fishy odor. how to used the garlic properly and what is the proper position of it. it really bothers me a lot. thank you so much . .

  47. Janice says:

    I’m 14 years old I had inching before but not has often I have a really bad Oder and its really embrassing and I always get these brown stains in my panties that smell really bad and I have these bumps on my vagina I think they are called boils they are big and when I squeeze them puss comes out then blood is this a infection will the garlic method work ?

    • Get an accurate diagnosis from a qualified health professional before doing any treatments. Just from what you described, the garlic alone won’t work at clearly up your symptoms, you’d need additional treatments; but the garlic can be used in addition to other things to help clear up what is happening.

  48. Hi, I have major redness, itching and burning all over my vaginal area from front to back, inside and out all the way to my anus. I also have the yeasty sunburn all along the fat fold where my c-section scar is…will vaginal insertion of the garlic treat the interior and the exterior issues?

    • The garlic treatment will help with the internal and external issues, but you’ll need more than just the garlic alone to treat your symptoms. You could apply tea tree oil to the C-section scar over the skin (as long as it is not an open wound or fresh) to help address the yeast issue.

  49. shoodi says:

    Hi am only 16 year old and I think I have a yeast infection I was using antibiotics and It came with my menstrual cycle, it itches like hell and it hurts I used the garlic I feel better but still itches do you think I should continue using garlic and thats enough or I have to go the doc?

    • Make sure you get an accurate diagnosis from a qualified health professional. If it is yeast only then you can continue to use the garlic vaginally. I recommend 3 nights in a row, take a break for 3 days, and repeat for 3 more treatments in a row. There are other recommendations to treat a yeast infection but without your information I’m not able to go into a more detailed plan. You can find a local Naturopathic doctor who may be able to help you.

  50. shoodi says:

    Thank u for the info I consulted a doctor and she gave me one tablet for fluconazole and a cream I stopped the garlic because I couldnt handle the smell but I feel better now .The infection is still not gone do u think I should take another tablet?

    • Always follow the prescription advice from your MD. I do see yeast infections that do not respond to the fluconazole so another approach may be necessary.

  51. What if you are in period? Can the garlic clove treatment still be applied?

    • You can still use the garlic during your flow; you may find a little more clean up is necessary depending the quantity of flow.

  52. i am 22 years old 20 weeks pregnant and have been trouble with yeast for years before i went to get it treated ,before i got pregnant i went to my doc twice and got insert it went away but come back now pregnant its i back now worst my vagina is red and it burn when i pee even my anus is irritated it smell like the multivitamin am taking. i went to my ob i got canesten cream ,insert pills,and powder my partner was also treated it went away now its back mild watery and attached to the inner part of my vagina i use my bathing rag to clear it also am always moist in that area these day because am pregnant when am home i dont wear panties i use my towel to keep me dry but all i want is for the yeast to go away i read all comments and reply and just insert a garlic i nick it how will i see result am not having sex now since my partner is away but will be back next week can we have sex and oral sex also if i start using the garlic???

    • You can have intercourse however your partner will need to be treated as well. Yeast can be passed between partners. men also may experience no symptoms of a yeast infection so even though he doesn’t have symptoms (or he may) I would suggest a complete anti-yeast protocol for him as well.

      • Peggy says:

        wht natural remedies are available for male yeast infections

      • There are many herbs you can use internally including garlic, andrographis, oil of oregano, and olive leaf. The dose and duration of use will depend on the person. Consult with a Naturopathic Doctor for individualized treatment.

  53. Angie says:

    I have had yeast infections twice before and have taken fluconazole both times. Yesterday evening after my workout, I didn’t change my clothing as quickly as I should have and after few hours started my first itch. The following morning I woke up feeling the burns and more intense itch. I didn’t have garlic cloves so instead I used minced garlic. It didn’t burn much and the itch went away immediately (2-4mins). After few hours, I took out the garlic (as much as I could as they were minced). I ended up having sex. But afterwards my vagina became very inflamed (friction irritated it more and yes it was a stupid decision and fyi condom was used). The burning sensation and itch came back. I cleansed and applied new batch of minced garlic. This time the garlic burned for about 2-4 mins but I persisted. After this, my itching/burning vanished. I started feeling normal again. I think the reason I got such quick results is because my infection was relatively new and I used very potent (minced) dose. My question is: What will happen with some minced particles that may remain even after digital removal? I don’t want the garlic to rot in me…

    • Next time I would use the whole garlic to avoid the problem of any minced garlic being left behind. However, the vagina is a great self cleanser so most likely the garlic will find it’s way out. I would give it a few days – a week before sex or inserting a tampon to ensure the garlic moves down and out.

  54. Melody says:

    i think i have bacterial something disease in my vagina, i have alot of yellowish discharge and fishy smell .. i had it since i was a kid… the doctor gave me some antibiotic and personal cleaning meds .. however it didnt work .. should i try the garlic ?

    • The garlic is a start but with a recurrent infection you will likely require more whole body treatment in addition to the garlic.

  55. kimmy says:

    hello, i dont know what kind of infection do i have. i have a fishy smell and cottage cheese like of discharge, as i read ur article about garlic, i decided to used it, i inserted half of the garlic 4 nights already but still the itchy is there and the discharge still the same. .maybe i placed it wrong. .how would the garlic inserted? it should be inserted much? or is it ok if its only at the mouth of its vigina? coz when i was about to insert it inside its a bit painful thats why i used to put it on the mouth. . .i ended up having itchy after i take out the garlic. .how will i used that garlic properly? thanks for reading this. .

    • Please see a health professional to determine what kind of infection you have before proceeding with any more treatments. The garlic doesn’t have to be inserted very far into the vagina. The garlic in the vagina is a treatment to compliment other things to treat an infection and may not work as a stand alone treatment.

  56. cristina says:

    HI, i have a question, whats the liquid that comes when taking out the garlic, has been noticing that and i wonder what it is. its sign? its something else? thanks a lot

    • It could be discharge from an infection (if it green or a dark, cloudy white) or part of your natural vaginal secretions (clear).

  57. sherifat says:

    i inserted garlic in my virgina and couldnt find it, is over a year now i live normal life have sex with my man is it possible dat d garlic is still their. bcos hv been trying to conceive 4 d past 15 mnths nd it keeps borthering me dat d garlic is still their. reply me pls am worried.

    • The vagina is a self cleaning ‘organ’ and the garlic should have cleared out over the period of time you’ve described. If you’ve had an internal (PAP) with your doctor over that time, anything inside would have been detected.

  58. After garlic treatment and a through cleaning Will my mate be able to taste the garlic during oral sex

    • I don’t have a definite answer on that. if you have an active infection it is probably best to avoid oral sex and penetrative sex until the infection has resolved. Depending on the type of infection it can be passed to your partner and back to you so it is best to avoid sex while treating an active infection.

  59. Sharon says:

    I tried the garlic for two nights which gave me relief while it was in there. I stopped for a day and the itch American back along with my period. So now I’ve inserted it for one more night. In the morning it was ok but started itching by lunchtime so I’ve put another one in. I’m just wondering if it isn’t strong enough or if it is because my period has come. Can I keep using it every day? I was thinking of trying 5-7 days.

    By the way, i advise using narrow cloves. I used a big one which got stuck and I had to get my husband to get it out!

    • Yeast infections can be cyclical with your periods and the hormone changes. If you are not finding effectiveness with the garlic alone, you will likely need a stronger treatment and dietary changes.

  60. Kate brown says:

    Does this help bad vagina Oder ?

    • If the odor is associated with an infection, yes it can be helpful. But I suggest getting an assessment from your doctor to determine the reason for the odor.

  61. Michelle says:

    I did this treatment about 3 weeks ago and the first clove I inserted, I was able to locate and pull out. The 2nd treatment, however, I woke up in the morning and forgot I had inserted the clove. I went about my normal day and remember much later in the day about the clove. So, I, of course, went “fishing” for it, but I couldn’t find it. And I’m talkin’, I was in there! And, I did not find it, and still have not found it to this day. Is it safe to presume that it fell out sometime during the day when I urinated and I just didn’t notice? I mean, I’ve put (way back in the day) suppositories in my vagina which later slowly moved down and fell out when I was urinating. I read the comments about the vaginal muscles and how short the cervix is, so I’m just curious if you feel that the clove could have fallen out, on it’s own. Because, I’m telling you…it isn’t in there.

    • I would assume it is no longer there. But if you have concern, see your doctor and they can do an internal exam to reassure you.

  62. Hi I’m 14 and have yeast infection but I don’t know how to put garlic in my vagina! And I can’t go to the doctor since my mom is coming home in a month

    • It is like inserting a tampon. If you are not comfortable doing that, I wouldn’t use the garlic. But please see a doctor for as assessment.

  63. vivienne says:

    is it okay to insert crushed garlic?

    • It would be more difficult to remove, so if you use crushed, I would crush a fresh clove yourself and use a cheesecloth or piece of gauze to wrap around the garlic to keep it all in one tidy place for insertion.

  64. Sandra says:

    Hello! Is this method effective for trichinosis infection? This has been reoccurring for me over many years now. Help!

    • It can accompany a trichamonis infection treatment plan but I wouldn’t use the garlic as a stand alone treatment.

  65. Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant and I started to have yellowish-greenish discharge with like cottage cheese thingy,itching, and smell.I went to an OB and told me I have yeast infection (monella), my blood sugar is higher, and I got U.T.I. and she prescribed me Canestan 100 mg 1 times a day for a week.It worked a little and it took away the smeel but it didn’t take away the infection.Then I had a papsmear and I was positive for Candidiasis.She gave me another anti fungal cream 500 mg. one time only.It didn’t work it made my discharge worse.Now, I am tdoing my best to cut out sugary foods and snacks.I eat fruits everyday and I’ve read that yeast feeds on fruits.Is it true? In addition to this I eat green leafy veges,wash my private part with lukewarm water and ACV everynight as recommended by my OB. I insert fresh garlic too twice a week during day time.

    My question are:
    ~Is yellow green discharge a sign of a really bad yeast infection?
    ~I have an outbreak of eczema on my leg back of my arms too.I can’t apply any creams because I know it’s antibiotic(steriod) bad for my baby and good bacteria. Does it have a connection with my yeast infection?

    I am sorry I have a very long comment herea and questions.
    I would really appreaciate your reply.Thank you


    • If the infection is bad enough (or they are recurrent), fruit in sugars can be a problem and may need to be eliminated. i wouldn’t suggest this route during pregnancy unless you can be supervised with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor.

      ~Is yellow green discharge a sign of a really bad yeast infection?

      A yellow-greeen discharge may a sign of a different type of bacterial infection and will require a different treatment that the anti-fungals your doctor has prescribed.

      I have an outbreak of eczema on my leg back of my arms too.I can’t apply any creams because I know it’s antibiotic(steriod) bad for my baby and good bacteria. Does it have a connection with my yeast infection?
      Yes, the skin is connected to the imbalance of good flora in your body which is also causing the yeast infections.

      • Thank you for the reply Dr.Carly. My infection right now is better than last month since I started eating garlic, green leafy veges, and washing acv with lukewarm water. I don’t trust anti-fungal creams or suppository stuff.I had a gram stain test last month and it was positive that I got Yeast infection and I’ve read that yellow green is one of the colors of the result of the infection.Can yeast infection affect my baby? I asked my OB about this and she said, “Yes” but when I read online most pregnant women and their OB’s said that it would not do any harm to the baby. It’s kinda confusing. ;/

        I read this one on the internet “As your hormones increase,(pregnancy) internal and external factors change your vagina’s environment, which triggers an overgrowth of Candida albicans (type of fungus normally found in small amounts in the vagina and intestinal tract) and creates an imbalance. For example, during pregnancy, the body produces sugar and secretes it through the vagina more frequently. Yeast fungus feeds off sugar and allows the fungus to grow and spread.”

        ~I don’t think my yeast infection will be cured while I am pregnant because of this hormones.

        This is my first pregnancy that’s why I am very careful.

      • You can definitely cure a yeast infection in pregnancy despite the hormones, I see it in my office all the time. All pregnant women have the same hormones but not all get yeast infections, so a lot of the problem has to do with dietary and environmental factors than hormones.

        The yeast itself will not directly affect the baby, but you want to make sure that you have the right type and amount of good bacteria in your vagina for the birth, as this bacteria is important in starting off your baby’s good intestinal bacteria. These bacteria shape your baby’s short and life long future, so it’s important to fix the problem as early as possible.

  66. Kapdj says:

    If I use this method will I smell like the garlic the next day??

  67. I was wondering, is it still effective if I eat large amounts of fresh raw garlic instead? I am a little weird about inserting it. If i eat a couple of raw cloves coupled with an oral acidophilus tablet will it still be effective? I have taken acidophilus to combat yeast infections in the past when i was on antibiotics, but this time i was not using any antibiotics, so im not sure if a probiotic alone is useful option?

    • The oral garlic will still have an effect, but not at a local level to reach the area of infection. Using a probiotic by mouth AND one specific for vaginal insertion can also help.

  68. Erinma Daniel says:

    I think i have urinary infection because i feel hot or burning sensation after urinating can i use garlic?

    • The garlic suppository won’t be effective against a urinary tract infection. You need a different approach to treat that.

  69. im 11 weeks pregnant and having a yeast infection. will try this tonight.

  70. am 29wks pregnant,am currently having an inserting garlic at bedtime but apparently my hubby can smell it in my breath n its affecting him…how can i avoid the garlic smell in my breath?

    • Sorry, there is no way to avoid that.

    • Uhm, I’m no expert, but I read somewhere that you can get rid of breath smell by chewing fresh parsley leaves for a few minutes, followed by eating an apple. I tried it once (after eating garlic in food), and it seemed to help. And even if it doesn’t, parsley and an apple can’t be unhealthy. :)

  71. hartline.e says:

    I used the garlic treatment on friday and then again on sunday, I ended my cycle on thursday.
    Is it ok if I have a copper IUD? does the garlic have a reaction to it, I didn’t notice any adverse reactions..
    But I do have some bleeding? Is that normal? Did I cut something or is it maybe drawing out residuals from my cycle? I don’t usually have bleeding after my cycle finishes. Im not in pin or anything, just kind of bewildered.

    • there should be no reaction with an IUD and the garlic.

      Without doing a full assessment, I can’t comment on the bleeding, but I am confident it is not a result of the garlic.

  72. Hi I’ve had chronic bv for 4 years now and I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant is it safe to use garlic clove inside my vagina and how effective will it be if I suffer from chronic bv? Thanks

    • Yes, you can use the garlic but you will need to address the underlying causes for the recurrent BV which requires more than just garlic.

  73. lovely says:

    Hi! I have a fishy odor in my vagina. I read about the insertion of a clove of garlic so I tried it. Afte4 doing it 2 days my vagina becomes red and swelling. I stopped doing it. Is it dangerous? Is it the effects? Will i totally discontinue it or will I conitnue? If I continue is redness and swellinh refrain? What will I do?

    • the garlic vaginal treatment is not dangerous. I suggest visiting a health professional to diagnose what is causing the odor. There are several infections that have that symptom and it is important to know what infectino you are dealing with to choose the best treatment. as the garlic is not likely to cause redness and swelling, I wonder if it is the underlying infection that is causing those symptoms.

  74. chanel says:

    Can I use cranberry supplements and the garlic suppository together for the relief or the treatment of symptoms or for the treatment of trichmoniasis itself? (I’m sure my spelling is off)

    • Cranberry won’t have much of an effect on trichimonasis. There are other herbs I use instead for an antibacterial/antiparasitic effect. Cranberry is more reserved for urinary tract infections.

  75. Zeeflora says:

    I’ve been a chronic bv sufferer for almost 3 years now… And it has even led to the point where I’v
    e been considering suicide, coz I’ve tried everything to only having this monster return again and again.
    However in july I took some probotic orally and vaginally and for the following 2 months I thought I wwas FULLY cured… But sadly, late September, when a lot was going on in my life, it came. Back again… Which leaads me to this question: do the bad flora grow more in stressful situations?? I also figured that if the probiotics could work for two weeks, mayben, in conjuction with the garlic, could have me say goodbye to bv p permanantly… I just bought fresh garlic today and my fingers are crossed… But do you think I sshould use th probiotics with the garlic simultaneously or after 3 days?

    • Yes, stress does affect the flora in your body as well as food choices and can increase your susceptibility for infections. Yes, use the probiotics at the same time as the garlic. I also recommend a vaginal probiotic to use on the nights you aren;t using the garlic. if this is a chronic issue probiotics will be necessary on a long term basis.

  76. Zeeflora says:

    Help! The morning after I inserted the garlic overnight I started menstruating…. This is confusing coz I was on my perids about a week ago. Wat could be the cause? Btw I still have it inside this afternoon coz I’m kind of avoidiing the mess. Could thaat be the reason why iim still seeing blood?

    • I do not know the cause of the bleeding so soon after your period ended. It would not be related to the garlic.

  77. i have little cuts on my vulva and it itches very intense sometimes. i have discharge but it is clear. my anus also itches…can that be yeast too? would garlic help with the outside itch?

    • It is possible to have a yeast infection around the anus. Yeast spreads easily to it can be transferred from one area to the next in the genital region. The garlic can help for the outside itch but you will likely need more than just that for a treatment.

  78. kees2u2 says:


    I am so glad I found this article since I use a lot of medication because of my health issue. I have siezure dissorder. I take topamax, lamictal and recently added keppra. Like a month ago there was a rash, then itchy, the lumbs in my vaginal area, he thought it was herpes, I totally freaked out since I was not sexually active for over three years, but after the test were back it was MRSA….because he first thought it was Herpes, he put me on valtrex i think, but didn’t finish the 10 day treatment because it was MRSA. Then I went on to antibiotics, for MRSA, i can’t remember the name, but they didn’t work, I finished the 10 days treatment, they helped with the vaginal bumps but they were starting to spread to my butt.

    He reffered me to the infectious desease department, and I was prescribed doxycycline which OMG it totally cured the MRSA…hopefully for ever.

    My problem is, I noticed that I had flakes on my vaginal area, like super dry skin. BUT also I am in soooo much itching that its killing me….like horrible. It is red, it goes all the way to my anus, and IDK what to do. I have a doc. appointment on Nov. 6th, but I have no insurance, so its 100 every time I see him.

    I don’t have an odor, I do have the discharge like cottage cheese, it looks like little pieces dry toilet paper, now, I told you I had seen flakes like dried skin, so IDK if the discharge its really the cottage cheese looking or just dry skin, Because I also have normal discharge.

    I JUST NEED HELP, but don’t want to really spend sooo much money on my OBGYN if I don’t reallyl need it. I bought those infection test, but I have to wait another week because my period just ended, and they say to wait. Are those real? do they help to know if I have an infection? fungus? or something like that?

    I know this letter is CRAZY, but I am sick of MEDICATION (I take enough already), and i know my doctor will provide me WITH MORE….I know my immune system needs a boost.

    What do you think? should I just try the garlic????

    • The kits in the pharmacy can tell you a little about whether there is a yeast infection but not for other infections. If you have to pay for your health care, I would recommend investing in a Naturopathic doctor who can help you address the real cause of your chronic issue.

      You can certainly try the garlic, but you definitely need a more aggressive and long term approach to really cure the issue.

  79. is it advisable to use the garlic day and night?

  80. nancy says:

    Can I use minced garlic?

  81. MissK says:

    Ok, I did this a few days ago, I’m assuming it came out in the toilet but not 100% sure! Will it eventually work it’s way out if its still in there?!

    • You should take it out yourself. do not rely on it to come out on its own. Using cheese cloth/gauze and a string to make a tampon out of the garlic makes it easier to remove.

  82. Frances says:

    So i took antibiotics before, i itched after that, had a burning sensation while having sex with my fiance and had discharge. Looked it up online and saw yeast infection. Went to walmart, bought azo and equate 3-day treatment and did the garlic thing. I think the itch and burning mostly went away but the discharge didn’t. Got scared, went to the doctor and was prescribed 2 pills of Diflucan. Still had the white-yellow discharge so i went back again. She took a swab and looked under the microscope and she said yes I have yeast infection and another infection, maybe a BV. I got prescribed 2 pills of azithromycin and 10 pills of metronidazole to take for 5 days. The itching went away 100 % last week but today i feel a tickling sensation again. And fyi, i still have that discharge that does not smell. Ive been abstaining sex for 3 weeks, eating plain greek yogurt, taking the azo still, taking 2 pills of plexus probiotic 5. I inserted 1 garlic sunday, put nicks on it but did not burn and also ate 1 clove of fresh garlic. Im planning to do the 3x in a row for 2 weeks regime but should i call my doctor to get prescribed another set of fluconazole/diflucan? Or should i wait for the regime to be done? The itch does not even bother that much coz its only minimal but its the discharge that’s driving me nuts!!

    Pap smear came back normal/i only have 1 partner which is my fiance for more than 2 yrs. I have been bad with chips like doritos and pretzel lately. =/

    What kind of vaginal probiotics do you suggest. And does walmart has them?
    Sorry its a long comment and hope you have time to read it.

    • Your best option is to get in touch with a naturopathic doctor to help you sort through all your symptoms. I am not able to provide medical advice here. If you keep going down the MD route you are likely to keep having the same problem.

      I recommend new Roots vaginal suppositories and a brand I carry in my office by NFH. Walmart doe not carry these types of probiotics so check at a local health food store.

  83. Frances says:

    And oh btw, i have a history of diabetes. My last a1c was 5.6 and just been bad with carbs lately. I itched too while i exercise. Could that be coz of the yeast infection? It’s also my first time havi g this so its really bugging me. After i removed the garlic i saw some yellow discharge on my finger and alsoonthe garlic. After a few hours i wiped a more quantity of that yellow discharge and smells like garlic. Is that from my infection or the garlic? Help! Im so frustrated, ive been dealing with this for more than a month now and sex life is going down hill.

    • Sugar feeds yeast, so yes having diabetes and eating sugar will contribute to recurrent infections. Get the diabetes under control and you should see improvement in the number of infections.

  84. Sarah says:

    What is this whole body treatment you talked about,please? I have been living with yeast infection for years now. I have seeked medical attention for more than four times but as at now, i still have the infection. I decide to stop going to the hospital and to the pharmacy cos it seemed it wasnt working out for me. As at now,itching does not occur frequently,it rarely occurs. But there is still vaginal discharges. I just don’t want it to get to a time again when i’ll feel pains when passing urine. The foods i usually eat are rice, yam,cocoyam,cassava meals,millet porridges,oats,beans,corn meals and plantain(riped and unriped). Could it be that the fault is from these foods i eat? I tried some candida diet i gathered from the internet after my last treatment but those foods rather made me go hungry so i stopped taking them. I could realy use your help,doc. Thank u very much.

    • A complete body approach is individualized so I don’t have recommendations here for you. I also can’t provide medial advice just as tour medical doctor can’t provide care over the internet.You can find a local ND who can help you develop a plan specific for your needs to get the best results for your symptoms.

  85. shanay123 says:

    Almost a month ago I had an abortion, now and again I get this random fowl odor and I have a clear discharge that smells fish like , sometimes worse, I don’t know if other people can smell it but I can smell myself and its very embarrassing, are these signs and symptoms of a yeast infection? Is this. Because of the abortion??? Or maybe. I am suffering from an infection due to the abortion??? I’ve tried douching for the smell, which hasn’t helped so now I am trying monistat. treatments, and I would like. To try this garlic, I go to see my gyno soon for a 6 week check up, but its not soon enough, do you think the garlic may help?

    • Different vaginal odors can mean different kinds of infections. You will need a medical assessment including an internal vaginal exam to diagnose what is happening. You may have an infection as a result of the abortion but again, seek a medical professional for help. Garlic may help but i would seek your MD as soon as possible.

  86. sally says:

    This worked great! I used the garlic for 3 nights and the infection and itching is all gone but its now 4 days after the last garlic treatment and I still have a very clear watery discharge. Is this normal? How long should it last?

    • Clear watery discharge can be normal depending on where you are in your cycle. It is a sign of fertility and a clear discharge is often seen midway through your cycle around day 14 changing into a stickier consistency as you get closer to your period.

  87. Pls doc, are there other ways of using the garlic apart from insertion?

  88. how long will should i do this?

  89. Iskka Sison says:

    I read alot about this garlic glove. And Im really interested to it. So I tried it last night. I put one garlic overnight. My symptoms are yellow cottage cheese like discharge and it has fishy smell (sometimes)
    Sometimes theres none. Can I still use garlic?

  90. Iskka Sison says:

    I read alot about the magic of garlic in the internet. This is my story. I used the garlic glove overnight for the first time. I have vagigi discharge white to yellow cottage cheese like. And somewhat fishy smell (sometimes) is it ok to continue using garlic?

  91. Cristine reyes says:

    I have this white to yellow cottage cheese like vaginal discharges. Sometimes its foul smelly sometimes not. Can i still use garlic gor treating it?

  92. Cristine reyes says:

    I have this white to yellow cottage cheese like vaginal discharges. Sometimes its foul smelly and sometimes not. My vagina is not really that itchy. I used a glove of garlic overnight. How long should I continue it? Is it ok to use garlic im not sure if I have yeast infection?

    • I suggest 3 treatments on a row for one week then repeat again the following week. It is not harmful to use garlic if there is in fact no yeast infection.

  93. im 20 weeks pregnant and i want to take something natural to treat my yeast infection …this is my first time having one and i did alot of research (i do eat alot of sugary foods also) …i used yogurt for the itching which really helped …i didnt go to my doctor but im pretty sure its a yeast infection ….should i used the garlic i know its kind of dumb asking after i already inserted it into my vagina and i cut mine in half but it doesn’t burn that much actually.

  94. Yes.

  95. You can use the garlic, but I suggest you see a professional for a diagnosis. You will likely also need more than just the garlic for treatment.


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