Blow your mind gluten free, dairy free (and sometimes egg, nut, soy free) recipes

I shared this handout with my most recent Gluten Free, Dairy Free Eating Made Simple class. These recipes are not my own creation but have been taken (and sometimes adapted) from several resources … [Read More...]

August 2015 Newsletter

I hope this latest newsletter finds you and your loved ones well rested as the summer comes to a close.  Summer finds most of us enjoying good health with the warm weather, sunny days, and … [Read More...]

Infant formula ingredients: a mix of milk, corn, soy, and sugar.

A look at the key ingredients in a few best selling infant formulas. GMO formula ingredients … [Read More...]

Fall 2014 Newsletter

  This newsletter brings you information on: My new office hours New in-office tests An interview with  CBC International Upcoming Fall and Winter classes As the summer of 2014 … [Read More...]

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Naturopathic Services

Pregnancy Test Result

Prenatal Naturopathic Care:

Planning for a baby is an exciting time.  But with this excitement sometimes comes feelings of uncertainty about how to care for your pregnant body.  You may feel overwhelmed by all the information … [Read More...]

Naturopathic Care during Pregnancy

Naturopathic Care during Pregnancy

Naturopathic care during pregnancy aims to maintain the health of Mom and baby and addresses health issues with gentle, safe, and effective medicine, when necessary.   As in the prenatal period you … [Read More...]

Baby Finnigan

Naturopathic Care for post partum period

Naturopathic care after pregnancy aims to support you and your baby's health after the exciting journey of pregnancy and birth has ended.  Naturopathic care for the post partum period actually beings … [Read More...]

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